Municipal Water / Wastewater

Municipalities are continually under pressure to update existing facilities and to produce drinkable water in higher volumes for growing populations. Water Vision’s ThinCell® technology assists with bacteria destruction and suspended solids removal in a single, efficient treatment. The technology can adapt to existing plants without costly retrofit.

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Refineries consume vast amounts of water in its operations. Thincell® technology addresses the numerous water streams resident in the refinery. Existing on-site clarifiers make ThinCell® technology a simple addition. The Thincell® solution assists in reducing maintenance and restoration costs of heat treatment and cooling tower equipment. Water Vision supports pre-process silica removal and water hardness control to minimize premature scale buildup.

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Upstream Energy

Water produced and flowing back from horizontal fracturing operations contains residual hydrocarbons, bacteria, boron, silica and other impurities. High solids sediment and bacterial growth are problems, as are varying flow rates. Thincell® technology provides a cost effective on-site treatment with a minimal footprint. Sludge removal is reduced and water is re-usable without expensive disposal costs. Its lighter weight equipment allows for easy mobility and facilitates re-installation in the field.

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Mining and ore processing operations are often remote. Water resources are scarce and can lead to challenging disposal and reuse, with water containing a high percentage of metals and suspended solids. Effective treatment using Thincell® technology can reduce the volume of waste, dramatically increase water conservation, and diminish potential destruction of the surrounding environment.

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Industrial water treatment concerns are varied and numerous. For example, textile manufacturers face an extreme problem with dye removal. Wash down water from machining and manufacturing operations is expensive, yet necessary for disposal in an environmentally-responsible manner. Handling of slurry in pulp and paper operations and salvaging water for reuse is an ongoing problem for those facilities. Thincell® technology can address sub-micron particulate removal and is adaptable to varying flow conditions and rates.

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