Water Vision was formed in 2009 by entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience in the research and development of electrocoagulation (EC) equipment. The executive team additionally brought decades of experience and extensive knowledge of EC applications in refining, power, mining, municipal water/wastewater, energy, and industrial applications.


The management of Water Vision has expanded with an executive group that adds extra expertise in processed water and wastewater treatment and reuse solutions. This team is globally recognized in the EC industry for developing and marketing modular, cutting edge equipment and services for treating liquids in all industries.

Water Vision’s innovation and expertise bring benefits to its clients not found elsewhere. Our efficient technology reduces capital and operating costs, lowers maintenance, dramatically reduces downtime, enhances environmental results, and improves operator safety.

What is Electrocoagulation?

Electrocoagulation (EC) is a water treatment process used by a variety of industries to destabilize and aggregate contaminant particles, ions (heavy metals) and colloids, and hold them in solution using an electrical charge.

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Thincell® Technology

Our major differentiator from all other traditional electrocoagulation systems is Thincell’s innovative method of maintaining efficiency and flow consistency.

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