Water Vision Inc


Water Vision Inc is a Houston based electrocoagulation company established to provide clean water treatment solutions through the use of its innovative and patented ‘Thincell’ direct contact Electrocoagulation technology. 


The company provides cost-effective high flow rate onsite water recycling solutions in a broad range of markets.  In the Oil and Gas market the technology eliminates the need to truck flowback water to an offsite disposal facility, holding pond or recycling facility.  In addition, the company’s technology kills bacteria at very high flow rates using its mobile and compact Thincell wastewater treatment units.  Water Vision Inc is the only electrocoagulation company that can generate chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) to kill bacteria and simultaneously remove solids in one unit and without having to deal with traditional electrode passivation issues.


The Thincell units consume a readily available and cheap waste by-product during operation resulting in low operating costs while being environmentally beneficial.  The use of a waste product as a consumable to generate clean water provides significant marketing and operating cost efficiencies over traditional electrocoagulation  technologies.


Passivated Electrode

Electrode passivation remains the fundamental issue with all traditional electrocoagulation technologies.  Water Vision Inc has resolved this issue with a new approach that delivers ground breaking performance..

The dirty little secret that no other EC company will tell you.


Review the graphs on the left and call Water Vision Inc to learn how to improve your reliability and reduce operating expenses.

In traditional EC units a passivating oxide builds up on the electrodes and the available surface area is reduced.  More Volts are then drawn from the power source to maintain the programmed Amps.  When the Volts are maxed on the power supply  the unit must be taken off line for electrode maintenance.

In the WVI Thincell EC units the electrodes do not passivate and as a result, additional power is not required.  The WVI Thincell units run without the need for costly maintenance, acid washing or electrode replacement.