Water Vision Inc


           Water Vision Inc is a Houston based electrocoagulation company established to provide clean water treatment solutions through the use of its innovative and patented ‘Thincell’ direct contact EC technology.  The company’s core business is the clarification and pathogen destruction of turbid  wastewater, generated from multiple industrial operations including the Oil & Gas industry.


           The company provides cost-effective high flow rate onsite water recycling solutions in a broad range of markets.  In the Oil and Gas market the technology eliminates the need to truck flowback water to an offsite disposal facility, holding pond or recycling facility.  In addition, the company’s technology kills bacteria at very high flow rates using its mobile and compact Thincell wastewater treatment units.  Water Vision Inc is the only electrocoagulation company that can kill bacteria, and remove solids at the same time, with the same unit.


           The Thincell units consume a readily available and cheap waste by-product during operation resulting in low operating costs while being environmentally beneficial.  The use of a waste product as a consumable to generate clean water provides significant marketing and operating cost efficiencies over traditional electrocoagulation  technologies.


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